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Boys Tuxedos with Silver Vests

Want your kid to look sharp and sophisticated for his communion or first formal? Then a boy’s tuxedo with silver vest is the way to go.  With tones ranging from true Silver to Pewter and Charcoal you are sure to find the tone of silver you are looking for in our silver vest collection.

But not all silvers are created equal--the cut and design makes a big difference. Take for example the attractive speckling of the Prodigy Black with Asphalt Venetian Vest. This inviting outfit remains reserved yet still adds a bit of warmth to what could be a bit too much gray.

And if you prefer a lighter tone, give the Prodigy Black with Platinum Palermo Vest a try; it is just as layered a look as the darker tones but in a brighter, younger silver tone. Check it out!


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