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9 Tuxedo-Wearing Superheroes Guaranteed To Get The Kids Excited About Dressing Up

One of the most stressful parts of a formal event is getting the children into their formal outfits – they will cry, scream, throw a fit and be utterly devastated at the perceived torture you are putting them through.

It’s not unusual to see everyday superheroes rocking their tuxedos during their downtime. Everyone from Iron Man to The Incredible Hulk has been spotted in formal attire from time-to time, so settle the kids down, and get ready to tell them how awesome they are going to look when they dress up as their favorite Avenger or Justice League Hero.

Tony Stark
When he’s not in his Iron Man suit, Tony likes to lounge around at fancy casinos, benefits and high-class dinners in his top-notch tuxedos. Mr. Stark has business guests, investors and adoring fans to impress during his down-time, so why shouldn’t your child don his fancy suit and present himself before his admirers?

Steve Rogers
Before being frozen – or becoming super-powered in any way, Steve can be seen on a date with the ever-loyal Bucky, both seem to be a hit with the ladies, in their 1920’s tuxedos and dripping with style. No, your child won’t become a super soldier by wearing his tuxedo – but it’s worth a shot.

Clark Kent
In almost all iterations, Clark Kent can be seen wearing a Tuxedo, from his prom days in Smallville, to his formal events as an adult, the tuxedo is a classic look for Superman, it’s also probable really easy to hide his red-blue-blur outfit underneath. Your child might develop Kryptonian super-strength and speed by wearing a tuxedo, but it’s a change you’ll have to take.

Bruce Wayne
As a high-flying business owner with his sights on vengeance, Batman has many formal events to attend – and even some less-formal – he favors his tuxedo and is seen wearing it in many versions, both comic and on-screen. Your child may not be the hero this wedding needs, but he will be the child it deserves.

Oliver Queen
Green Arrow, or Oliver Queen – A multi-millionaire successful business owner – yep, there’s a theme here – by day, and leather-clad, archery-loving avenger by night. He loves attending his charity dinners, benefits and business meetings dressed to the nines in a tuxedo – and generally pulls it off in style and suavity on the way.

Peter Parker
With great power, comes great responsibility, which is something you will need to remind your child of when he puts on his tuxedo and becomes an incognito Spiderman. We advise that your child does not try to wear the Spiderman outfit underneath – as the mask is a dead giveaway and his cover will be blown.

Okay, so he’s not technically a hero – but he is looked up to by millions and is a force to be reckoned with and respected. Loki usually wears a tuxedo in order to get his own way, subvert an event and set his own nasty plan in motion – but who’s to say that he doesn’t have his reasons. Motivation to put on a tuxedo is still motivation, after all.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan’s superhero status depends on your outlook as a fan, but his role in The Tuxedo made the outfit infinitely cooler – so many gadgets, gizmos and cool attachments can only mean one thing – kids and adults both can’t wait for the next excuse to strut about in formalwear.

James Bond
Saving the best – and most obvious – until last. James Bond has been everybody’s hero at some point in their life. If your child is not old enough to appreciate the womanizing and martini-drinking, surely the idea of masquerading as a highly successful spy who wins every fight, has insane amounts of luck and is either best friends or sworn enemies with seemingly everybody, is something to aspire to – at least enough to wear the outfit?