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Boys Tuxedo Tails

When it comes to formal affairs, you can put black tie and white tie affairs at the very top of the list (with white tie being at the very top). 

There are slight differences between the Black Tie and White Tie Affairs. For instance, white tie affairs are typically during the day and and the strict dress code does not allow for very much wiggle room. However, the dress code for black tie affairs are typically standard with a bit of wiggle room in the color options, materials and style of tuxedo being worn.  

However, there is one important thing that both black and white tie affairs have in common... that is the tuxedo tail style. 

When it comes to boys tuxedo tails, are typically available in either black or white as they are truly the most formal tuxedo option that one can wear to their event. Boys tuxedo tails require specific pieces to be worn. For instance, a white tuxedo shirt and a black or white boys bow tie. And don't forget a matching boys vest or boys cummerbund as a waist cover is an absolute must!

Options to purchase separates (each piece sold individually) or in a 5-piece set not only give you a range of options to select from, but make whichever way you decide to purchase incredibly easy. For those still a little confused about the separates vs. tuxedo sets, here is a little breakdown that further explains the process for both….

When shopping separates, as we mentioned above, each piece is sold individually. This means that you and your little one can select whichever specific jacket, pants, shirt and accessories that spark your interest. This is also a great option for those who might have a ring bearer or event participant where they need to follow a color scheme or pattern.

When choosing the 5-piece set of your little guy’s choice, the items included will be: a boys tuxedo jacket, boys tuxedo pants, boys tuxedo shirt, boys tuxedo vest (or cummerbund) and boys bow tie. Each set comes as it shows in the photo, with specific breakdowns on each individual product page. 

For questions on sizing and fit, you will find an extremely helpful and informative sizing guide and chart that will help give you specifics so that when selecting your Little Tuxedos items, you can order with confidence that you will be receiving great quality and great fitting items. If you don’t see the answer to your question on the website, or in our FAQ Help Center, feel free to reach out to our customer service agents through our “chat now” feature – that can be found at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. It is our pleasure to assist and guide you to assure that your little one’s comfort and excitement of their Little Tuxedos purchases are a complete and total success.

"Oliver" Kids Black Peak Tuxedo Tail (5-Piece Set)
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