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A Favorite In Every Color

It's no surprise that we offer a lot of really awesome tuxedo and suit options for the little ones in our lives. Whether they're attending or in a wedding, going to a dance, or any other event, we have pretty much got it covered. Color options and patterns are available in a range of sizes to accommodate every style, every taste and preference. 

So, we thought it would be fun and helpful to round up our top picks in each color category to showcase the versatility and options available to you here at! 

Black: "Genova" Kids Black Shawl Tuxedo 5- Piece Set - Patterns and colors are fun and exciting, but you can't beat the classics. This 5-Piece Black Tuxedo Set is just that. Classic, sharp and sleek with the hint of texture in the pattern.  

Blue: "Genova" Kids Steel Blue Shawl Tuxedo 5- Piece Set - When it comes to blue, navy suits and tuxedos can't be beat! However, sometimes it's nice to go a little bit lighter with your shades and really let the jacket stand out. The Steel Blue jacket is the perfect answer for that. 

Grey: "Infinity" Kids Heather Grey Tuxedo Jacket (Separates) - Grey is a color option that has increased in popularity over the past few years - and for good reason! It's chic, it's stylish and it's offers a touch of uniqueness while still being appropriate for any formal event. 

White: "Reno JR" Kids White/Black Tuxedo 5- Piece Set - White is a look of confidence and boldness. It is a stand out color that tells people you're here to make a statement! It doesn't matter whether you're grown up or pint size, a white tuxedo will always have the same head-turning effect. This set is just enhanced by the black lining and highlighting to make it that much more special. 

Gold: "Lucas" Kids Gold Tuxedo 5- Piece Set - It has color, it has depth and it has got a pattern! This gold, floral printed jacket is a unique and stylish combo that will be sure to make your little guy sparkle and shine at any event! Perfect for New Year Eve's parties, Holiday functions and more. Go ahead, let him take a walk on the wild side... of fashion that is.

Red: "Reno JR" Kids Red/Black Tuxedo 5- Piece Set - It takes a bold kid to wear red. It's a fearless color that knows no-bounds. It is the epitome of style and being fashion-forward. This Reno JR in red, with black features, is a great way to let your little guy really step out into the world of fashion with confidence. 

So, there you have it! Now, of course every event, child and personal style is different, and that's what makes buying a set or separates so wonderful! The versatility allows you to switch it up to not only create multiple outfits, but to accessorize exactly how you would like for each special event.