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Accessorize Your Little Guy

Every now and then an event that the entire family is invited to springs up. Whether the whole pack needs to travel to a wedding or attend a local formal or black-tie event, it’s understandable and somewhat expected that sheer panic will set in about not only finding yourself something to wear, but your children.

Apart from the fact that boys tend to grow out of shoes and clothing like quick-fire, following a specific dress code, color scheme and style can make things that much more challenging. Coming up with creative ways to get your little guy to cooperate while trying on tuxedos, or attempting to find a way to get them to sit still long enough to slick down that wild hair is an event in itself!

Once the attire situation is addressed and accomplished, then follows the accessorizing. Your little guy will most likely need anything from a bow tie to a cummerbund and maybe even some cuff links. Now, before you freak out, fear not and keep reading as you have come to the right place. We here at are your “one stop shop” for all things involving dressing your little guy to the nines. Are you attending a wedding where your little guy is ring bearer and he needs a specifically requested banana colored bow tie? Well, we have that. Or maybe the whole family is attending a wedding and you would like your son to match his mommy’s pink dress by sporting a bubblegum colored pocket square? No problem at all with Little Tuxedos. Even adding a little flash of jewelry, such as some fancy and formal cuff links, to the ensemble is sure to make everyone that is attending gush and melt over your little stud.

Little Tuxedos prides itself on offering a variety of tuxedos and formalwear for little ones for any occasion. Whether you need specific pieces or even just a pair of shoes, we offer parents (and children) the ability to have options. Being able to sit with your little guy and have him help pick out what he is going to wear truly makes him excited, proud, and stylish; which in turn makes any virtual shopping experience a complete success.