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Big Fall Trends For Little Style

As fall is approaching, one thing we know that disappointingly has to happen is that our summer wardrobe has to be put on the back burner.

This, for a lot of us, can be upsetting and somewhat dreadful as in the back of our minds we know that coldness and potential for snow is likely in our future. But, instead of automatically jumping to winter, let’s not forget about one of the most underrated seasons...fall. We, personally love fall. It sets the tone for the holiday season and gives us a breath of fresh, crisp air. The sun is still shining, the leaves change colors and it gives us all a sense of calm.

So, it’s expected that when fall comes rearing its head, new and exciting fashion trends are usually right there beside it. Cool tones, neutral colors, and just more of an all-around comfy and cozy vibe is usually the feeling of fall style; simply because fall tends to bring out the most fashionable of trends and people.  

But, just because the summer clothes are gone, doesn’t mean we can’t experiment and have a little fun with our formal and day-to-day dress (especially for the little stylish men in our lives)!

Here are some “Big Fall Trends” for “Little Style” that we think are the perfect adjustment to cool, sophisticated and stylish inspired looks:

  • In need of a Little Tuxedo for a big event? Instead of traditional or bright colors, opt for something with more Earth tones, such as: Black Tuxedo Package (with Gold Satin Accessories) or one with Apple Satin Accessories.
  • This next “look” is not just for men, little guys are seen rocking this fashionable look more and more these days! Layer a Micro Neat Tuxedo Vest in the color of your little one’s choice, on top of a long sleeve shirt. Complete the look with a pair of jeans and a Kids Bow Tie (like this Striped Powder Blue Bow Tie) for the ultimate fashion-forward outfit.
  • Sprinkling some “fall” in any wardrobe is easy! If your little guy is not feeling like going all out for the occasion. Incorporating some color is just as good! Take a simple white shirt, like our Kids “Como” Laydown Shirt in either black or white, and modestly accessorize it with a deeper fall inspired color like “Sangria.”

See, embracing the fall (and fall style) is easier than you thought! It’s not only adults taking trends to the next level now, the kiddos are right behind them. A new season is a time to be inspired, get creative and try new things. Why not start with your clothes?