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Disney Channel's Most Fashionable Boys

Disney Channel has always blessed us with shows that we can relate to, make us laugh, and pull at our heart strings. Throughout the years there have been many shows that have taught us countless lessons in what it means to grow up.

Although each show is geared towards something different and set in different environments with different characters, one thing remains the same: we always look up to, admire and emulate the characters we love! As new shows keep developing and children are consistently saying hello to new characters and singing songs repeatedly until even parents learn the words, it’s safe to say that an attachment is formed between these characters on our TV screens and the kids watching them.

The boy characters that are on Disney shows bring us shenanigans, entertainment and at times words of wisdom. A lot of the TV shows that have such high ratings on Disney would not be as well-received as they are if not for these male characters. That’s why we have dedicated this blog to them. Sure, most times when you see them dressed up in a boy's tuxedo it’s for some sort of “plan” or they’re being forced, but it works for them and therefore has landed them the position as one of Disney Channel’s most fashionable boy characters. And what child wouldn’t want to look just like their favorite TV character?

***A fun idea would be to read this blog with your kids and have them tell you all about the episode pictured below! Interacting is fun and hearing them talk about something they enjoy is enlightening. ***

Ernie Cooper (K.C. Undercover)
A definite fan favorite on DC, K.C. Undercover is a sitcom about a mathlete high school student named K.C. that is drawn into the family “business” after learning that her parents are undercover spies. As the family works for the undercover spy organization completing missions and trying to protect each other and secrets, naturally something always stands in their way. Enter K. C’s younger brother Ernie. Ernie Cooper joins the rest of the family and becomes a spy as well adding his “nerd” tendencies and computer skills to the clan trying to prove himself worthy and dependable. Ernie is funny, witty and a softy big down which is why we relate to him so much. Knowing how to clean up, Ernie sports a classic tuxedo with a black bow tie in this episode where…

Luke & Ravi Ross (Jessie)
On two completely different ends of the spectrum are brothers from the long time beloved show, Jessie. Luke is the “cool,” careless, and jokester brother of the Ross family; while Ravi is the straight-edge, “geeky,” and reptile loving family member that creates the balance. The Ross family (whose nanny is Jessie) is made up of four incredible different and eccentric children to their famous and wealthy parents. However different Luke and Ravi may be, when it comes down to it (as pictured) they always have each other’s backs. Usually because Luke gets himself into some sort of mischief that Ravi has to help him out of, but nonetheless, these brothers always come to a resolution, and clean up nicely if you ask us.

Bernard ‘Bernie’ Schotz (Bizaardvark)
One of DC’s newer and completely hysterical show Bizaardvark follows Paige and Frankie, best friends that start a “Vuuugle” channel of singing comedy videos. Bernie Schotz is a younger friend of Paige and Frankie that slides his way into becoming their manager when asked to join the Vuuugle team. Bernie is charismatic, charming and oh so adorable. He is always trying to appear more mature, adult and “in charge.” So, like pictured below, seeing him wearing a blazer with a collared shirt underneath is relatively standard for manager “Bern-man.”

Lewie & Beast Diaz (Stuck in The Middle) 
Chaotic family of the century goes to the Diaz family. This sitcom focuses on Harley Diaz who is smack dab in the middle of seven siblings and trying to maneuver teenage life with the Diaz clan in tow. Lewie and Beast are the younger (twin) siblings to Harley that always seem to be scheming some sort of plan and using their “deceptive ways” to do so. The two brothers can often be seen conspiring plans to get what they want. So, seeing them dressed up from time to time in certain costumes, or a suit usually means something suspicious is going on. Looks like Beast could use a pair of new socks if you ask us.