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Fancy Little Big Shots

Children and TV shows tend to go hand-in-hand. When we’re children, it’s how we often, learn to communicate, visualize and develop creativity. It also helps kids to connect and feel a part of something.

With plenty of shows that are geared and focused for children, there are few these days that actually involved them. That is why “Little Big Shots” is the stand out show that we absolutely love to watch, laugh with and completely adore.

Hosted by comedian and legend, Steve Harvey, the show is a variety show that focuses on little ones from all over the world with fascinating talents. Interviewed by Steve, each pint-sized guest answers some fun questions about their talent and history before performing for the audience. Not only is the show entertaining, but the talents some of these kids have been blessed with are things we could only dream of!

Each episode, along with each child, is completely unique and special. Seeing these kids in their element and showing their craft is inspiration enough for all of us. They always appear with a bright smile, bright personality, and dressed to impress.

Throughout the seasons now, we have grown to adore and remember specific little ones not only for their special talents, but how they presented themselves all together. Below is a list of three little tykes you may remember that are charming, endearing and put some grown men to shame with their style choices.

Brandon (Piano Genius) 
Brandon, who is said to be “wise beyond his years” is a piano playing prodigy that started playing at age three. Now, he is nine-years-old and has already given 2 Ted Talks. Preferring to listen to Tony Bennett or Frank Sinatra than “today’s music,” it’s safe to say that when it comes to fashion choices Brand sticks to the timeless classics as well. When asked about his style, Brandon said he wears pants and a nice button-down shirt whether he is performing or not. Refusing to wear shorts outside, Brandon is always polished and clean-cut with his hair slicked back and ready to wow crowds.


Mayor James (Micro Mayer) 
Everyone’s favorite 3 years old Mayor, James beams onto the stage with that heartwarming smiles and bright blue eyes. Following in his older brother Robert’s (age 6), fancy all-black shoes who was respectably the Mayor twice. As the Mayor, James points out that it is important to love people and shake their hands (lots of them) properly. So, it should not come as a shock that James not only acts, but looks the part of Mayor in his little blue herringbone tuxedo vest with a matching tie and of course those classic black shoes that James’ brother Robert and Steve Harvey were also wearing! 


Iain (Theater Critic) 
Remember theater lover (and critic) Iain? Well, at 7 years old the natural born performer and show stopper did just that when on the stage with Steve. Wearing jeans and a gray vest with a plaid shirt and bow tie and tap shoes, Iain proved that he was basically made to be an entertainer. Before switching places with Steve and taking over the interview, they showed a clip of Iain on the Tony’s Red Carpet being just as charismatic, sunny, and fashion-forward as you would expect. When asked about what he was wearing he replied with, “a bold kid’s tuxedo that my mother bought off amazon.” Iain, please do not ever change. 

We look forward to seeing and laughing more with these little prodigies as the show continues to blossom. With every episode, there is never a dull moment but always moments that are entertaining, exciting, and full of little stylish sensations that we cannot get enough of.