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Girl Tuxedo Looks

If there was ever indication that tuxedos we just for men and boys, then welcome to the 21st century! Not only have we seen the change in designs, fabrics and colors when it comes to tuxedos, but who is wearing those tuxedos. The women’s tux has taken off and has become a new staple when it comes to the Red-Carpet and events.

And just like the stylish women that are loving the alternative women’s tuxedo look, follows girls. That’s right, some of Hollywood’s youngest superstars are taking a note from their idols and following suit (literally) with their style. Whether it’s wearing a girl’s tuxedo or adding a necktie to a signature look, the women and girl’s tuxedo looks are popping up more and more!

Below we have chosen three talented, adorable and little fashionistas that have not only taken a liking to girl’s tuxedo looks, but have styled them so incredibly well. Try to contain the smiles from all the cuteness, but we know it will be hard.

McKenna Grace 
The adorable and charismatic McKenna Grace is turning into quite the little actress these days. Starring in a movie beside Chris Evans, it’s safe to say that her acting career is only just taking off. Something else blossoming, her style. McKenna is young, so for her to wear such bold options let alone a kid’s tuxedo is just a really great thing to see. From her hot pink tux to her black glimmer with flower embroidery, we cannot wait to continue to see McKenna and what she has to offer us on and off the carpet!

Skai Jackson
The sassy Disney Channel actress from Jessie, Zuri (aka Skai) is not only growing up, but showing it! Her chic and simple girl’s tuxedo looks really show off her elegance and attention to detail with her style. The black tuxedo outfit with heels, a clutch and a white tuxedo shirt easily earned her a spot on this list.

G. Hannelius
Another Disney Channel star that’s growing up before our eyes, G. Hannelius. G. has always had a bright and bubbly personality that instantly makes her likeable and warm. If you’ve seen her at events or acting even, her look tends to lean towards the preppy side, which we personally love. That’s why we were not surprised at all to see her in this Navy suit look grown-up and stylish. This look is just within her. She gets it, which is why we love her so much.