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Hosting a Red Carpet Party For Toddlers

There’s nothing quite as adorable as a toddler in a tuxedo. There’s just something about your little ones dressing up as if they were going to a formal party – so why not host your own red carpet party for your next children's birthday party?

There are literally endless ideas when it comes to planning a children's birthday party. With so many themes available, you might want to do something unique and that is where you should get creative. Hosting a red carpet party is not only a great idea, but it gives your little ones the opportunity to dress up for the event and have the time of their lives. You are never too young to walk the red carpet!

You can get adorable little tuxedos for boys to wear, while the girls can choose from a variety of pretty dresses and even formal wear. Boys tuxedos can also be bought as a set so that you’ll get the suit paired with a colorful cummerbund and bowtie. This is the perfect option for a red carpet birthday party with friends. With a stylish little tuxedo, they will look like real movie stars and enjoy their 15 minutes of fame while playing with friends and enjoying a birthday party.

A great red carpet party for the kids doesn't have to be expensive. If you don’t have time to look for a tuxedo for your little one, you can get creative and allow everyone to look their best while they enjoy playing dress up. You can take a bunch of dress up clothing and accessories – like costume jewelry and sunglasses - and have the little ones dress up as they arrive at the party. You can then send them down the red carpet and have them enjoy their own mini fashion show.

When you plan your red carpet you can even add various backdrops so that the kids can strike their best pose for a photograph. You can give them the complete red carpet experience, and even add ‘paparazzi’ as a special effect! Children love to play grown-up so this is the ideal party theme.

Once the clothing has been sorted out, you should focus on the party itself. Make sure that you have a lot of different games and activities to keep them occupied; a great idea to get the evening going it's a game of charades. Kids love acting out different songs or movies while their friends have to guess. You can also add other activities like celebrity impressions and movie trivia, depending on the age of the children.

When you decorate your red carpet party, don’t be afraid to go over the top with the decorations. After all, it’s for your little VIP guests! Decorate your door with fairy lights and don’t forget your red carpet – you can run your carpet from the entry to the main party area if possible. You can even make a huge cut out of a limousine and have your little guests’ pictures taken behind the window.

Making the Invitations
Now it’s time for the invitations. You can choose something original like a VIP invite with a backstage pass. You’ll get plenty of templates to get ideas from, and make each child feel like a star. Be sure to include the date, time, location, and the option to RSVP. Personalize the invitations as much as possible, to make each of the little guests feel as welcome as possible.  

Another great idea for a red carpet kids’ party is making mock movie posters that feature the birthday boy or girl. The premier date can be the date of the party, and guests can be made the supporting roles. You can even make a ticket that looks like the classic ‘admit one’ tickets for the party, with the details of the event written on the back. It will fit in perfectly with a movie-themed red carpet event. You can truly make these little guests feel special and bring Hollywood to them.

Planning the Activities
Keeping the young ones busy is always a priority, so it’s time to get creative. You can have all your little ones make a piece of jewelry that goes with their outfit. Use jewelry making kits that you can buy from a crafts store since it’s easy to put those pieces together. They can make a jewelry piece to match their outfits, or make a unique piece and exchange them with other guests.

A talent show is always a great idea any kids party. Younger kids will enjoy showing off their singing and dancing skills, while older kids may want to try to outperform their friends with a karaoke competition. You can choose a winner for each event and you can even hold your own award ceremony where each child wins a special prize for being the best dressed, doing the best celebrity impression, and so on.

Another great idea is to have the kids make their own picture frames, where they can put photos of themselves in their best outfits. Take enough photos throughout the party and try to get one of every child as they arrive (while the clothes are still clean!) Or you can divide the children into two groups, where one group is the celebrity and the other is the stylist. They’ll have loads of fun dressing up and styling their friends, and we all know how funny that may just turn out to be!

Doing the Catering
When it comes to the catering, you can stay with the red carpet theme and prepare fancy treats and finger foods. You can create a mini cocktail party complete with sparkling grape juice, or even mock-tails with colorful umbrellas. You can also take a basic cookie recipe and make a star-shaped cookie for every VIP guest. You can decorate these with every child’s name and add royal icing to complete the effect.

These are just some of the great ideas for your red carpet birthday party. Whether you are arranging a toddler party or inviting older kids, you have loads of fun by dressing them up and making the entire venue look like a real VIP event.