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How To Add A Little Spring Flair Into Your Little Tuxedo

Although it might not feel like it quite yet, spring has officially sprung. The sun should start shining, the birds will be chirping and our wardrobes are starting to show a bit of color here and there.

Pastels, bright colors and pretty much any color that generally isn’t neutral plays a major role when seasons change. So, when it comes to your little tuxedos ensemble, how can we start to incorporate this into the completed look?

Well, there are many different ways that you can brighten and add some color into any little tuxedos look. One of the simplest (and probably most popular) ways is by browsing through our tuxedo packages. Not only are the at a great price point, but they provide everything your little one could need in order to sport a tuxedo outfit. You are able to select between packages that feature either a tuxedo vest or a cummerbund (which is entirely preference). Once your accessory route is selected, a selection of different colors and patterns are available for your little one to choose or to find a designated color. It is here that adding a touch of spring comes perfectly into play. Tuxedos sets featuring colors, such as: wisteria, pink, and powder blue are available to shop and perfect colors to welcome the new sunshine season.

If you’re not looking for an entire look, don’t worry! Adding a pop of color in accessories is another great way to achieve a spring-ified tuxedo look. Pocket Square colors like: lavender, rose and mist are perfect examples of adding a touch of color without going too overboard within the ensemble.

When it comes to putting together looks, it’s all about creativity and personal style. By adding pieces into an outfit that shows off a little color, a little flair and a little style, your little guy is sure to rock the wedding, ring-bearer, party, etc. every time!