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Little Hollywood, Big Style!

Just because they might be pint sized, doesn’t mean they don’t have style!

Within the past few years we have seen an increase and popularity in some extremely talented, entertaining and charming kid actors within Hollywood. From the Stranger Things cast to nominated movies, and TV shows like This Is Us- these kids are showing up with some major wins and some major fashion.

When attending all of these award shows, dressing the part can sometimes be difficult. There’s a lot to live up to and a lot of people to impress, but for being so young, these kids are nothing short of professional. They show up to every red-carpet event in their tuxedos looking polished, sophisticated and incredibly dapper.

We figured we would give our readers a break out there for gushing over how cool the boys of the Stranger Things cast is, and focus on four other talented little guys with a good sense of fashion and smiles that make you say, “aww” out loud to yourself. 

Noah Jupe 
The talented newcomer most known for his role in the hit movie, “Wonder” clearly already is nailing the red-carpet ensembles. Noah, (at just twelve-years-old) looks like he is adjusting to the limelight well, already pulling off some killer looks like his Navy Tuxedo (similar to this one), black and white showstopper and his all-black classically regal look.


Jacob Tremblay 
The eleven-year-old has come a long way since his breakout performance in “The Room” in 2015. Now, making hearts melt in the ever popular and inspiring movie, “Wonder” (alongside Noah), it should be no surprise that this is the beginning for young, charming and professional Jacob Tremblay. Jacob is a class act fitting right in with the “big crowd” every time he makes a red-carpet appearance. Wearing a fitted kid’s black tuxedo, completing the look with a black bow tie. Did we mention this kid is going places?


Lonnie Chavis
Have you ever met, spoken too or watched an interview of someone and they just ooze charisma. Some might call it the “It Factor.” Well, that’s exactly what we think of whenever we see Lonnie Chavis. A nominee for a few awards and a SAG Awards winner (with the rest of the crew) for his role as “Young Randall” in the ever popular and loved show “This Is Us.” Whether he’s sporting a colorful and stand-out printed tuxedo jacket, or a dinner jacket, there’s no doubt about the fact that Lonnie understands just what it means to be stylish.


Parker Bates
Another breakout star that coincidentally plays the brother of Lonnie Chavis (Young Randall), is “Young Kevin,” more accurately known as child actor, Parker Bates. This talented and dapper little one has the most adorable smile to match his edgy and “cool guy” style. We should probably start taking fashion tips from him now.