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The Cutest Outfit for That Outdoor Wedding

More and more we're seeing the outdoor wedding or "barnyard chic" theme when it comes to weddings, and honestly... we love it! 

It's different, welcoming and overall just gives off this warm and cozy vibe that makes attending a wedding that much more fun. 

Since outdoor weddings (or themed weddings) are typically not as formal as a lot of us are used to, this gives a bit more freedom and therefore maybe some confusion on what is appropriate for a dress code at this type of event. 

Well, we have the answer for you. Our Barn Wedding Sets. This set is a unique and adorable alternative for your little guy to wear to not just a wedding, but really any event that requires a bit of a dress-up, but not a full-blown tuxedo look. 

The Barn Wedding Sets are a 4-Piece Set that include: a dress shirt, dress pants, suspenders and a bow tie. 

They are available in different color schemes, like the "Dakota," which is a heather grey colored outfit with a blush pink bow tie. Or maybe something like the "Freddie" with navy accents and a blue & green check bow tie is more your little guys thing. There are 7 unique, stylish and insanely cute color combination sets to choose from, and we can confidently say that whether your little guy is wearing this to a wedding (or participating in a wedding), dinner party, or birthday party, this outfit is going to be the perfect addition to his wardrobe.