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The Little Prince of Style

With all of the Royal Wedding festivities that have been surrounding us lately, we decided to take a look into a specific little Prince and his cute, classic and traditional style over the few years that he has been on this planet.

Prince George is without a doubt the cutest little Prince that we have ever seen. For those that might not be familiar, Prince George is the first-born son of Prince William and Princess Kate. We have watched him grow up over the past few years and become an older brother to not one, but two younger siblings.

He is (much like his parents) the definition of cute, traditional and charming. So, it’s no shock that his wardrobe follows suit. Sure, he probably has a group of people that do his shopping and styling, but that doesn’t mean that when it comes to his outfits, they aren’t great options for children Prince George’s age all around the world!

Most recently, we saw Prince George amongst the cutest group of children that participated in the wedding for his uncle, Prince Harry as he married (now) Princess Meghan Markle. The boys in the group sported an all-black suited look that was incredibly adorable and proper.

But, when he isn’t participating in the biggest wedding of 2018, Prince George’s style has always been exactly what you would expect a little Prince’s wardrobe to be. Typically seen wearing a nice pair of shorts, Prince George usually has some form of a collared dress shirt that is styled underneath a sweater and almost always has socks that go half-way up his legs.

The little Prince has sure made an impact being the first born of his family and we know will only continue to do so throughout the years with his younger siblings and future cousins!