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The Style Evolution Of Manny Delgado (Modern Family)

If you are a part of the very small majority that does not watch Modern Family, then our hearts ache for you.

The long running, hilarious and endearing show focuses on three individual sectors of one giant family. They are using getting up to certain antics, arguments, or getting themselves out of sticky situations that require lying to another family member (and we all know how that usually ends up).

The show has an impeccable cast of talented and comedic actors that have won countless awards for their stellar performances throughout the years of the sitcom. But, as good as the adults are on the show, the children are equally as good. Now, a little bit older, Lilly, Alex, Luke, Haley, and Manny. Each extremely different, outspoken and entertaining in their own way, the kids of the “Modern Family” definitely know how to hold their own when it comes to screen time.

As awesome as the children of Modern Family are, there is one that has always stuck out to us in a rather charming way. That’s right, Manny. The wise beyond his years, intellectual and loveable son of Gloria and step-son of Jay. Manny as always been different since the beginning of the show. Walking around making comments and being the representation of a sixty-five-year-old man in a child’s body.

Manny’s charm is only part of the reason we adore him so much. Due to his mature personality and way of life, it is only natural that his outside appearance matches how he feels on the inside; and thus, the style evolution of Manny Delgado.

Since Manny was young in the show, it has not been uncommon to see him in a suit, dress shirt, nice trousers and even hats! Manny loves to dress in his best attire for any and all situations always putting his best foot forward. His style ranges from dressing up his “typical” short-sleeved button up shirt with a striped colored necktie to knowing how to accessorize a dinner jacket (blazer) perfectly.

Manny has been impressing us with his style and grace ever since he was young, so it’s only natural and expect that he continues on the Manny Delgado path the older he gets. Giving fashion inspiration, confidence and a sense of elegance to all of those Luke’s out there is why Modern Family just wouldn’t be the same without him.