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Why Your Little One Needs A Tuxedo

Your little one may be invited to a formal event like a wedding, which is why you’ll need to consider dressing him formally too. Here’s why your little one needs a tuxedo, and how you can dress them.

Although formal events don't always include invitations for children, having a little tuxedo nearby is always the benefit. You never know when an event is coming up where they are invited, especially celebrations like weddings. It's the perfect opportunity to dress them up and have them look adorable. Tuxedos for boys are also very affordable, giving you a variety of style options to choose from.

It’s very common to have a toddler be the ring bearer at a wedding, so you want him to look adorable. That's why you should consider dressing him up in a little tuxedo to ensure that he looks his best at the event. With so many options to choose from, you can choose an outfit that will fit in perfectly with the dress code. Instead of renting a tuxedo, why don't you buy him his own? You have a great formal outfit that he can wear again when needed, plus you can have the outfit to fit him perfectly.

A great option is to go for a tuxedo package. These six-piece packages include a jacket, pants, shirt, vest or cummerbund, neckwear and jewelry set. This means you will have the entire outfit ready for the big day. You have to shop for separate clothing items and accessories, as they will all be in one set, perfectly complementing each other. From a traditional black tuxedo to one with a colorful vest and bowtie - you have plenty of options to make sure your little one looks nothing but handsome as a ring bearer.

When you measure a boy’s tuxedo, be sure to take these measurements:

  • Shoulder to shoulder
  • Chest (around the body)
  • Sleeve length
  • Waistline
  • Pants length

Take the measurement tape and start at the shoulder blade where you should feel the bone stick out. Measure all the way down to the wrist and stop a few inches past the wrist. If you are using a piece of shirt it should stop at the cuff. For the chest, take the measuring tape and wrap it around his chest. There are two methods for doing this. First one is underneath his arms pits. The other method is called the overarm, where you would include measuring the arms.

For the shoulder seam, start at the top sleeve and measure straight across. Remember when we mentioned the shoulder blade where the bone sticks out - that would be the same position you start at to measure shoulder to shoulder. For the pants, use the measuring tape and start at the waistline, not the hip bone, then measure down to the ankle.

It Looks Great with Accessories
When it comes to accessories, you can add something colorful to your little one’s tuxedo. Popular options include cummerbunds, pocket squares, and ties. Cummerbunds are very stylish and they are perfect for a formal event like a wedding. They come in various colors, but you can also match it with the necktie to complete the entire outfit. They are also available in various materials, as well as various shapes.

Don't forget the shoes. Complete your little guy's look with the right pair of tuxedo shoes. There are various designs that will fit perfectly with the outfit, and you can choose from various colors too.

Furthermore, you can also choose a pocket square in various colors. These are usually chosen in the same color as the vest or necktie. Pocket squares add a little color to your little one’s formal outfit and can also remind everyone that he is still a kid. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor events and can help to relax a very serious look, whilst all keeping it fashionable. These pocket squares can also be available in various materials so that it can fit in perfectly with your little one’s tuxedo.

How about completing his look with a set of stylish cufflinks? You can buy a set of four studs and two cufflinks, which is a very popular choice. With so many colors and designs, you will find just the right combination to match the event and your little one’s own personal style.

Tuxedo Alternatives
If you want to dress your little one in something other than a traditional black tuxedo, you have plenty of options. They can still look perfectly adorable and stylish, by wearing a formal pair of trousers, a shirt, and a necktie. Or you can simply have him wear only a vest, without a jacket. You can choose the vest in the same color as the trousers and tie to keep the overall look presentable and formal.

Of course, you can also choose to have your little ring bearer wear a pair of short trousers, along with the vest and buttoned shirt. Make sure that the vest, tie, and trousers are in the same color, and you have an adorable little boy to show off at the wedding.

Regardless of the tuxedo you choose, with the right outfit, your little one can be the perfect ring bearer. There are so many adorable options that you can choose from, with various styles, materials and accessories too. Plus, having your own little tuxedo means that you can dress your handsome little man whenever he is invited to a formal event.