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Holiday Outfit Inspiration

Everyone's favorite time of year! Pretty lights, tons of food, music, fun and of course festivities! 

And although adults might appreciate the party aspect a little more, no one embodies the spirit of the holidays quite like the kids in our lives. 

So, with all of the parties, events and get-togethers with both family and friends, we thought we might share a little Holiday Outfit Inspiration ideas for your favorite little man  - because dressing up for a party is half the fun! 

Make A Statement
If your little one already has the eye for fashion, then these are some selections that he might love! Perfect for more formal holiday or New Year's events are some tuxedo and suit options to really help your little guy shine! 

The great thing about these options is that they all are sets! So, basically everything you could need or want in a full-blown ensemble for the event comes in these options! 

Independent Party-Goer

If your family is attending a bunch of events with different dress codes or themes, or piecing an outfit together is more your guys speed, than options for that is just as simple to find at Little Tuxedos. 

Starting with a base like a dress shirt allows you to create an individual (or multiple) looks. It can be dressed up with accessories, such as a suit jacket and coordinating pants, or dressed down with some sneakers, trousers or jeans! Accessories such as, suspenders, pocket squares and bow ties are also great ways to switch an outfit up! 

Casual and Trendy
For those attending smaller events with family or friends, pulling items from the "Independent Party-Goer" suggestions list is a great way to complete any outfit to your liking. But for something equally as adorable, trendy and casual, we think our "Barn Wedding Sets" are a great option! Don't be scared off by the title. These sets are great for more than just weddings! Coming in a 4-piece set that includes a dress shirt, bow tie, pants and suspenders - these sets are perfect for any festive gathering.